Podcast Episode 153: The 3 Things You Must Get Right Before You Spend a Dollar on Facebook Ads

Somewhere along the way, someone {and I’m likely guessing it’s the marketing department of Google or Facebook} told us all what we needed to get right was one little ad and every problem was solved…

New clients would flood in the door…

Revenue would increase…

And, all would be well in our studio’s world.

But, if you’ve ever run a Facebook, Google, or Instagram ad, you likely know this rosy picture isn’t always like reality and…

In actuality, the most important part of making digital marketing work, is everything BUT the digital marketing.

Today, Nikki Bigler, our Digital Marketing Director, and I, are deep diving into the three things that will lead to successful ads {or can tank your campaigns faster than you can say, “spend my money”}…

In Today’s Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What essential things will need to be incorporated into your marketing in order for it to be effective
  • The difference between marketing to warm traffic versus cold traffic
  • If your service is too inexpensive can that lead to the wrong client walking through your door?
  • What should be involved in an introductory package
  • Why you should be testing your Facebook ads (and how to do it the right way)!
  • What elements you should have in the copy of your ad and your landing page
  • Why it’s important to make new members feel comfortable
  • There are many different types of buyers…

With grit + gratitude,


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