Podcast Episode 159: Your Studio’s Ads Need Copy…Here’s How You Write It


It’s everywhere.  

You’re reading it right now…

And, the moment you scroll onto Instagram and hit your first ad…

And, when you pop open The Times and see a Fashion Week promo…

And, even when you’re checking out at the grocery store.  

We’re so surrounded by words that we forget the power they hold…

To sway us into new thought patterns…

To challenge our beliefs…

And, to make us step outside of our comfort zone and into the less than status quo.  

Without good copy, your marketing, your emails, your website, and anything emblazoned with your message will fall short.  

Only problem?

It’s a little hard to open a blank screen and get started.  

Today, our in-house copywriter, Danielle Pastula, and I are breaking down what you need to know about copy and how to make it as simple as a…b…c.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why copy is key!
  • The signs that your copy is too generic
  • How to niche down your copy
  • What an ICA is…
  • How surveys can help you write copy
  • What a “hero’s journey” is and how it applies to you


With grit + gratitude,


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