Podcast Episode 164: Meet Coral Brown, A Yoga Teacher and Renowned Teacher Trainer, Who’s Coupling Mental Health, Psychology and the Chakras Into Some of the Most Powerful Student {and Teacher} Breakthroughs, I’ve Ever Seen

When your mother is a therapist, you view mental health in a very different way.  

After all, thanks to my mother, I not only experienced completely stigma free therapy, I was her guinea pig as EMDR and neuro-bio-feedback were considered as additions to her repertoire, the advanced copy reader of numerous books that she was considering for her clients, and, well, a constant mind to be explored {thanks Mom for not terrifying all my boyfriends}.  

But, psychology and fitness, outside of sports psychologists, isn’t something I saw being explored on a day to day basis, until I met Coral Brown

Coral Brown Headshot

You may have known Coral as a renowned teacher trainer over the last ten years or from her cover on Yoga Journal or just because she’s well, her…

But, today, we’re going to dig deep into a niche that Coral is leading the yoga world in… the combination of yoga, psychology, the chakras, and the breakthroughs {and breakdowns} our clients experience as they transform, externally and internally.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What the special link is between mental health and yoga
  • How Coral developed a therapy-based modality approach to mental health
  • Your personal myth – what is true and what is not?
  • Her advice when it comes to teacher training
  • Why yoga is not a religion
  • How Coral incorporates storytelling into her teacher training/practices {and why she does this}

With grit + gratitude,


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