Podcast Episode 192: Meet Cara Reeser, a Pilates Educator Who’s Building Her Students into Experts One Teacher Training at a Time

“Expert” is one of those business buzzwords that’s often attached to anyone who is well-known in any given industry, which begs the question…

What is the real definition of an expert?

Personally, I think it’s someone who has personal, not just professional experience with a subject matter. Someone who has trained and learned extensively, not necessarily on everything there is to know about a topic, but one or a few of facets on that topic so well that they command attention in that area. And someone who takes that deep knowledge and shares it with others.

Tall order, right?

Well, today’s guest, Cara Reeser, fits the definition to a tee.

I’ve had countless Ready. Aim. Empire. listeners, as well as members of my team, ask to hear from Cara because she has touched the lives of so many instructors around the world, so today I’m thrilled to be able to sit with her and dive deep into the idea of expertise and everything that surrounds it.

In case you don’t know Cara, she’s a second-generation Pilates instructor and lineage carrier of  Kathy Grant’s work and owner of Pilates Aligned, Inc. in Denver, Colorado. She's also the lead teacher, and director of a post-graduate training program called The Heritage Training® as well as the co-owner and co-educator for Movement Science Made Simple™, a continuing education platform that works to advance the knowledge of functional movement and motor learning for Pilates teachers.

If you’re a Pilates instructor, this is obviously a must-listen episode, but truly, any studio owner in any paradigm serving any market can glean incredible insights from Cara’s philosophies as a world-class professional and expert in her body of work.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What continuing education, specialization and developing your expertise looks like in today’s day in age as a studio owner, trainer, and teacher.
  • How understanding the complexity of Pilates protocols and teaching them from a foundational level allows your students to achieve greater success.
  • The value of “serving small” when all you crave is growth.
  • Why you need to develop a class schedule uniquely catered to your specific audience.  
  • The power of a strong provider network and referral system.

With grit + gratitude,


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