Podcast Episode 196: Meet Giselle Mari, the Yoga Teacher, and Trainer, Whose Spunk is Enlightening Souls Around the World

When we asked for requests on who our listeners would like to hear on the podcast, Giselle Mari’s name came up frequently, and the feedback was nearly all the same…Giselle Mari Headshot 1

The description of a spunky and spirited woman who intuitively knows how to light your soul on fire through her radiating joy for life and yoga.

I certainly felt it within the first 20 minutes of talking with her… 20 minutes of talking, mind you, that happened before I even clicked the record button.

In addition to being a teacher trainer, retreat leader, and yoga teacher (who you may also be familiar with her through YogaGlo), Giselle is also a wife and mama.

Throughout our conversation, we touched on everything from:

  • Family and children, and how introducing children, particularly young athletes, can be paramount to their development and body awareness.
  • What it’s like to look out into a sea of students and understand and guide those students according to their learning style.
  • How we can teach ourselves to let go and release (whether we’re walking around town or find ourselves on the mat).

We truly run the gamut in this week’s episode, but whether you’re a yoga instructor, have a dedicated practice, or have never ventured into a yoga studio, the truth Giselle speaks and the nurturing words she has for the spirit, soul, and our inner creative muses/critics are things I think every studio owner, scratch that, human, needs to hear.

So, plug in those earbuds and settle in, it’s going to be a soul journey.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How young athletes can benefit from yoga and how their practice can impact their mentality and physicality
  • Why using yoga to calm and control the mind helps athletic performance
  • What the benefits would be of introducing yoga to younger populations via the entry point of school sports  
  • The definition of “intuitive teacher” and how Giselle articulates this concept and passes it along to the instructors she teaches
  • Ideas for giving yourself the ability to let go and release
  • Why it’s worth asking yourself, “Why am I living so small?”

With grit & gratitude,


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