Podcast Episode 210: Meet Alyssa Pfennig, the founder of Embarque Yoga, whose vision for a studio that offers a holistic healing environment is changing the face of Indianapolis yoga

Anytime someone asks where the world of wellness and studio ownership is headed, she’s the one I reference.

Whenever I’m showing a client what their website should look like to draw in and captivate potential client, she’s the one I pull up.

And anytime I talk to a doubtful or hesitant studio owner on the power of reshaping their offerings to go deeper and to ask for more; her story is the one I tell…

I’m talking about my Client Cure alum, Alyssa Pfennig who's the founder of Embarque Yoga. Wellness. Spa. whose vision for a studio that offers a full-scale holistic healing environment is changing the face of Indianapolis yoga.

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Through the process of what Alyssa calls a “slow unraveling,” she tells her story of how she discovered the healing power of yoga therapy, became certified, and grew her business first as a side-hustle alongside possibly one of the most intriguing and non-traditional corporate jobs one could have, and eventually opened her original Embarque studio space, which she has recently left behind for the next stage of her business’ expansion.

In addition to growing her business intentionally and with many of the mindful listening techniques she uses in her yoga practice, Alyssa has also been incredibly strategic and savvy in following her vision for more, which has resulted in a business based not only on a recurring revenue model but one with multiple revenue streams.

I’ve been fascinated watching Alyssa’s journey to where she is today, how she’s navigated the four stages of studio growth, and the cyclical nature of that process that she’s currently experiencing.

If you’re a studio owner with their eyes set on an empire, Alyssa’s insights are ones you won’t want to gloss over.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Alyssa’s journey from corporate job to founding a non-profit to pivoting her full focus on her studio and how that impacted its growth
  • How she brought prominence to yoga therapy in Indianapolis and the definition and distinctions of yoga therapy
  • The balance between providing services in a hospital setting vs. a private practice and how yoga therapy integrates with traditional medicine
  • The impetus and process of expanding Embarque beyond yoga and into a multi-revenue business model
  • The beautiful benefits of a vertical services pattern versus a horizontal one
  • How Alyssa is working toward the Freedom Stage of her vision and the steps needed to get there

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