Podcast Episode 212: Meet Melissa Martin, Whose New York Athletic Training and Yoga Studio Is Invigorating a Town of 7,000 People

I believe one of the best traits a studio owner can have is the ability to pivot.

To take what they thought was the “perfect picture” and be okay with turning it down. Or taking a what could be viewed as a crappy hand and turning it into a winning round.

And that’s exactly what my guest on today’s episode of Ready. Aim. Empire., Melissa Martin, did when she went from receiving a cease and desist letter for running her personal training business out of her home to finding what on paper was the ideal second studio space, but turning it down because her intuition knew it wasn’t the best fit.

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Melissa, along with her husband, David, is the owner of S.W.E.A.T. Revolution, an athletic training and yoga studio in upstate New York that is seeing tremendous growth, largely due to Melissa’s money mindset.

That’s right, not market conditions, pricing or marketing (although, those items play a pivotal role as well), as Melissa explains, the massive shifts she has experienced in her business, particularly in the last six months, have primarily been influenced by her mental relationship with wellness and wealth.

In this episode, Melissa’s shares the start of her journey from competing in fitness competitions in 2012 and being financially broke to being at her heaviest, yet bringing in six figures, and how that journey unlocked a new way of thinking that has allowed her to pivot from being stuck in a scarcity and lack mindset to one of abundance and receiving.

As a result, S.W.E.A.T. Revolution has grown to new heights, and now she’s sharing her story to help you do the same with your studio.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Melissa’s take on why you have the right and responsibility to abundance in your life
  • How wellness isn’t about weight, but how you honor and love yourself and view your self-worth
  • Tips for unlearning old truths and adopting new truths in shifting your money mindset
  • How to combat the fraud-y feelings and fear that arises when considering raising the rates of your studio
  • Why it’s critical to build in multiple revenue streams into your business to allow you to pivot with fewer road bumps
  • The various factors to consider first when making a big decision or shift in your business

With Grit & Gratitude,



Melissa Martin is a transformational wealth & wellness coach, speaker & author specializing in teaching women how to birth a new money mindset & discover their self worth. She works with a large number of fitness entrepreneurs, teaching them how to build in multiple income streams to their businesses.

She also the co-owner of S.W.E.A.T. Revolution along with her husband David where they specialize in athletic strength & conditioning for student athletes.

Instagram: @melissa_m_martin



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