Podcast Episode 214: Meet Hannah McDonald and Learn How She’s Doubled Her Income {and Tripled Her Clients} in Eight Short Months

As attractive as entrepreneurship can be, one thing I think light doesn't get shed on enough is how the road to freedom through business ownership can be a lonely one.

The other factor in that equation?

The most successful business owners rarely, if ever, reach freedom by relying solely on themselves.

Just like raising a baby, building a business from the ground up takes a village, and that includes everyone from people in your corner cheering you on, your community of clients and members, your team, and maybe even a business partner.

However, coming to that realization that it takes a village is often why we see so many small business owners fail, and fast.

They think they’re in it on their own…

That it’s up to them to do it all…

And that they can’t afford to reach out for help.

Today’s guest on Ready. Aim. Empire. is a shining example of how you want to view bringing in support and accountability in your business.


Well, let me count the reasons…

  • She’s successfully converted nearly all of her clients over to a recurring membership model
  • Which has brought her conversion rate from new students to annual members from 18% to over 70%
  • And doubled her revenue over the last 8 months

All because she knew that if she wanted the chance to make her fitness studio her full-time dream, she had to get help from someone who had walked the path before her

Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 8.19.16 AM

I’m talking about Hannah McDonald, founder of BurnTheory, a barre studio in Australia that’s making waves in her community, so much so that she’s (yet again) planning to scale back at her full-time job, this time for good, to give her full attention to her rapidly growing empire.

If you’ve been struggling along the lonely road of small business ownership, let Hannah’s experience and story be the lightbulb moment that lets you know that bringing support into your business isn’t a sign that your flailing, but that you’re getting ready to fly.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Hannah has juggled a full-time job with scaling her barre studio and the mindset shifts she had to make to spark the shift she wanted to see in her business
  • The lessons she learned from working at a failed barre studio to reframe the way she would do business
  • Why her breakthrough around support and accountability acted as the catalyst for her exponential growth
  • The importance of earning the right to ask for the sale, fostering a community based on commitment, and learning to bless and releas

With Grit & Gratitude,


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