Podcast Episode 223: Skip the Automation and 3x Your Business The Fastest Way Possible

I used to be head over heels in love with automation. Using a website to sell for us while our sales team was sound asleep? I loved it… and I was taking full advantage of it.

But that love affair ended when I realized my clients were missing a vital milestone in their journey. Namely, my personal touch and an opportunity to get to know me.

See, I firmly believe the most valuable tasks in your business {and those sweet spots where you see the biggest return on your investment} is where you invest your time. You’ll see a client change their life, and by doing that, you’re changing the world, person by person.

More importantly, by sharing your time, you create a personal connection — nay, a relationship, with that other human, which is one of the most powerful tools in your selling toolkit. Which is exactly why I turned my back on automation and returned to an old-fashioned sales technique.

Listen in as I share why I fell out of love with automation, how I still kept it around, and incorporated it into my wildly successful selling strategy.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What made me fall out of love with automation but still kept it around and mixed it with another sales ingredient for a new, special blend
  • Why your clients buy from you vs the studio down the street
  • The 3 top super-easy ways I love to deliver a personal touch to my clients {with a complete breakdown so you can swipe my strategies!}

With Grit & Gratitude,



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