Podcast Episode 226: Meet Heather Ritenour-Sampson, Whose Yoga Tribe is Growing Wildly

Right before the 2016 election, Heather found her dream yoga studio space and one week later, she’d signed a lease.

Her goal? To create a tribe. Her theory is that when we become adults, we miss that sense of belonging that we used to get in settings like team sports or school. That feeling of belonging is a major loss, and one that Heather wants to fill.

Only Heather and her brand-new studio were up against some ingrained old-school beliefs in Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 9.27.31 PMconservative Minnesota.

Tell me if any of these sound familiar…

… Moms should be home with their kids when they’re little

… Moms shouldn’t be starting businesses that they don’t need to

… You’ve been told {verbally or via shifty side-eye glances} that, “you need to fit into this masculine box of 80-hr weeks, no time for everything, bringing home in the bacon”

… Or the total 180-version of “how cute you have a side hobby that brings in a little bit of extra gravy for your household”

Yup, me too, y’all. My favorite part of this episode is Heather’s beautifully refreshing, take-no-prisoners mindset towards this often-crippling belief that us women can fall prey to.

And how she’s used that to tap into her true power and carve out a small section of her life that doesn’t have anything to do with being a mom, and everything to do with chasing her dreams and ambitions. Just for her.

If your heart butterflied listening to those words, this episode of Ready. Aim. Empire. is a must-listen for you.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • #1 reason why your potential clients still have price objections and the real question they’re unconsciously asking themselves
  • THE mindset shift that jump-started Heather’s marketing for her boutique yoga studio so she richly serves her 100+ clients
  • Discover how her revenue from October to December kept climbing {and the shift that ignited those results}
  • What “huge, scary step” did Heather take that I see so many yoga studio owners shying away from?

With Grit & Gratitude,

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