Podcast Episode 245: Here’s How One $8 Google AdWords Click Led to $11,389 In Sales {And How to Replicate This In Your Studio}

For too long, I avoided setting up a Google AdWords campaign. When I did finally try AdWords, I gave it a shot for 365 days, spent $6,000, and in return gathered only a handful of viable leads.

Maybe you’re nodding your head, thinking, Yup, sounds about right. AdWords works for eeeeeeeverybody but me.

Lemme tell you: I thought the exact same.

Because, frankly, AdWords is complicated. Their interface makes your eyes cross and a migraine creep in to steal away your motivation.

But I’m here to tell you…

… Google AdWords is a must-have if you want a steady river of leads pouring into your studio. Their audience is 10x bigger than Facebook’s. AND when someone spots your ad, they’re actively seeking a solution.

Meaning: they’re primed to buy now.

In fact, AdWords is the #1 thing I’ve been focused on in the last month with our studios. And I regret waiting so long to use this marketing workhorse that runs effortlessly — nay, effectively — all year ‘round.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why Google AdWords is perfect for your studio and the type of action-taking leads you need to attract
  • How one $8 ad brought in $11,389 in sales for a business
  • The big differences between Google AdWords and their more-famous counterpart, Facebook Ads
  • How to rein in an outta-control AdWords budget and make it reasonable yet effective…
  • … Plus, my advice on how to get an AdWords campaign set up quickly {with minimal effort on your part}

With Grit & Gratitude,


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