Meet John Marcoux, lecturer on Mindfulness for the Adversarial Mind

Of all the diverse paths and journeys of entrepreneurship, there is one constant I believe to be true for everyone…

Owning a business is one of the most significant feats of personal development one can jump into.

It’s an ever-enduring process of self-refinement, courage, and vulnerability, all of which require some serious mindset work as we must unlearn lessons society (and sometimes our families) have taught us to keep us moving with the status quo.

On today’s episode, I’ve got another one of our fantastic Studio Grow coaches and consultants, Maura Vella, hosting the show with an equally incredible guest who also happens to be her business partner and mentor.

John Marcoux is the founder and owner of 105F, a yoga, Pilates and mindfulness studio in Chicago, but in addition to the studio space, John has also carved out a career in speaking on the power of positivity and mindfulness for the adversarial mind.

As you listen, you’ll see how his teachings are helpful for any human, but particularly entrepreneurs, and even more specifically, studio owners.

Because not only do we need to be able to wield our innate strengths as we navigate slaying the dragons of entrepreneurship (you’ll have to listen in to get that reference!), but we also need to be able to act as a guide for our students as they look to find their way on the path to their own greater positivity and enlightenment.

This episode is a heavy hitter, so find yourself a quiet space, let yourself be fully present and open to what John has to share because it may just change not only your business but also your life.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How John’s attendance at his first hot yoga class changed the course of his career
  • What is an adversarial trap and three cognitive boosters you can use to avoid them
  • John’s thoughts on misdirected or chronic pessimism and the three catastrophic pessimisms you need to tune into
  • The true meaning of leadership and choice and how they play a role specifically in the world of studio ownership
  • How to use your character and signature strengths to your advantage to impact the quality of your life, your work, and what you bring to your community

Resources from this episode:

Connect with 105F on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

Take the free Character Strengths VIA survey.

Learn more about Moms Demand Action.

With grit and gratitude,


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