Meet Ashley Turner and Learn How She’s Integrating Yoga and Psychology to Transform People’s Bodies (and Minds)

Want to hear a stat that hits home for your studio?

Out of all the people who come through your doors, an average of 7 percent are struggling with some version of depression, and 1 of every 5 are struggling with anxiety.

Thankfully, over the last few years, the stigmas of anxiety and depression have begun to fade as society has become more accepting and willing to create space and provide solutions for those suffering from these challenges.

(Our break-neck speed society has only exacerbated these issues, so I’d argue it’s about time.)

But of course, we still have quite a far way to go, which is why with stats like those it’s more important than ever to have a deep comprehension of how you as a studio owner, teacher, and a fellow human can create space and provide tools for the many people coming through your studio doors to seek relief and healing.

As my guest on today’s episode, Ashley Turner, shares, it’s our responsibility to know our client’s and student’s journeys and to be their guide so they can be the hero they’ve always been.

First, as a yoga instructor, Ashley recognized the profound impact that yoga had on the psyche and went back to school for psychotherapy so she could delve deeper into the mind-body connection.

And now as the founder of Yoga Psyche. Soul. – an Advanced Yoga Psychology Training for yoga teachers, therapists, and students, Ashley teaches her students how to navigate and develop this connection so that we can provide the most effective tools that give power back to our people and not only help transform their lives, but also offer unwavering empathy and create experiences within our studio that are exceptional and remarkable.

This work is fascinating not just from a yoga instructor’s perspective, but truly from a human perspective, which is why regardless of your paradigm, Ashley's message can't be missed.

So sit back and sink into a comfortable spot to listen, because everything is about to shift in the most liberating way you can imagine.

In this episode you’ll learn:

    • Why Ashley was so intrigued with the integration of yoga and psychology and how that led her on her journey to where she is today
    • What you can do to educate yourself and expand your presence as a yoga teacher
    • Ashley’s number one tip for how you can start transforming your life today
    • How we can learn to excel in the mind, body and spirit and then give back in service
    • What is the “hero’s journey” and how you can apply it to your life and business
  • Some of the biggest lies we tell ourselves about our journeys and how we can do the inner work to make the mindset shifts to overcome them

Connect with Ashley on her website and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

With grit and gratitude,

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