10 Money Mindsets That Will Paralyze Your Studio Growth {and Your Paycheck}

Is it getting hot in here? I’m putting my tush in the hot seat and baring it all. Our topic this week is the big M. No, not marriage. (The other big M)

We’re talking about my relationship with money.

And let me tell y’all, it has been a journey. The truth about money is that it leads us into all these little nooks and crannies of our psyche that we didn’t even know existed, and it forces us to re-evaluate all the stories we’ve told ourselves.

Some of my biggest growth areas as an adult have come from assessing why money was the root cause of my concerns, fears, worries, and actions and realizing that underneath it all, there was a bigger picture I needed to pay attention to.

So in today’s episode, we’re getting a little personal, as I share my own story, and share the tips that helped me overcome the money mindset blocks that were holding me back.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How we are all uniquely different in the ways we see money
  • The way I viewed money from a young age
  • How the money stories I was telling myself affected my past business decisions
  • Why there is really no scarcity in money
  • Money does not cause conflict

With grit and gratitude,


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