Episode 256: Meet Brooke Bowersock, the Founder of Align Studios and See How She’s Bridging the Gap Between Pilates and Other Movement Modalities

Owning a studio inherently makes you a business owner, yes.

But an entrepreneur? Not necessarily…

See, an entrepreneur has slightly different tendencies.

The way they think of operating their businesses involves more systems, more team members and less of themselves.

I know what you’re thinking, “This is my passion, there’s no way I can take myself out of my business!” Your love for your modality runs deep. I get it…

It’s rare to find a studio owner who didn’t first fall in love with their paradigm before the idea of owning a business set in.

You can’t have profits without passion.

But what brings an even bigger payday is an exit strategy, and it’s entrepreneurs who think of exit strategies.

In this throwback episode, we’re revisiting Brooke Bowersock to chat about what really makes a studio owner an entrepreneur, her journey and how she built her first studio to empire proportions, sold it, and how she’s building her second studio with a unique membership model and the same entrepreneurial spirit that made her first studio thrive.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The reason Brooke made the decision to sell her thriving business and how she planned her exit strategy
  • The opportunities that Brooke identified and influenced her decision to branch out from just Pilates
  • Why she supports her trainers on their path to find their own unique set of skills and the benefit of hiring instructors who will work to build community
  • What Brooke says is the hardest part of building a business and how she embraces it

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Download the Growth Book featuring The 6 Most Important Fitness and Mindbody Studio Growth Strategies.

Visit Brooke’s website for Align Austin.

Follow Align Austin on Instagram.

With grit & gratitude,


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