Best of Ready, Aim, Empire: 10 Mistakes I Made Growing My Businesses {and How to Avoid Them} – Part 2

I’m a runner. 

Not just the pavement-hitting kind, when I have an idea, I run with it.

It’s been a gift, but boy, let me tell me you, hindsight’s 20/20. 

And it wasn’t long into my entrepreneurial journey that I realized that I could use the lessons I learned from hindsight, to help others make decisions. 

In this throwback episode, I’m diving into my few biggest mistakes around building a team.

Without a shadow of a doubt, I can say I couldn’t have grown the companies I had {and have} or achieved the freedom I desired without the teams I’ve built. 

Over the last decade I’ve hired well over 100 people, but of course, that experience didn’t come without its own lessons learned from the rearview, which I’m sharing with you in today’s episode so you can sidestep my bumps in the road and hopefully have a smoother journey to success. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why you need to stop “DIY’ing” and hire smart to catapult you to a place of growth 
  • Getting clear on defining the roles within your business and finding the right time to hire 
  • How to be direct about the expectations you have for your team and how to address struggles with your employees to preserve and strengthen relationships 
  • Understanding your role as a leader within your business and why you should never stop seeking out mentors to help boost your leadership skills 
  • The importance of reaching out for help and why it’s mandatory for your success 

Resources mentioned in this episode:

With grit & gratitude,


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