Best of Ready. Aim. Empire: Maggie Yeung and Small Town Yoga

Losing a parent is always devastating. 

Losing your mom as a child?

That can feel impossible to bounce back from. You suffer from an ugly trifecta of anxiety, stress, depression. But, sometimes out of that black night of grief is born an idea so true, beautiful, and honest you can’t help but follow it anywhere. Including back to your hometown.

That is exactly what Maggie Yeung, owner of Homegrown Yoga, did. 

In today’s throwback episode, we follow Maggie’s journey as she did what any girl from a small Kentucky town does: go explore that big, exciting world. 

Now, she owns a yoga studio ½ mile from the neighborhood she grew up in. You’ll wanna hear how she got from there to here. 

In the wake of her mom’s death, she says, “Yoga was the one thing that helped me keep on track.” That’s exactly what she wants her community to find: the mental yoga practice – not a 1-sided physical practice. 

Her mission is to break down the mental barriers her small town has against yoga {like “I’m not flexible enough,” “I’m not thin enough,” “I’ve never done it before”}. And she’s doing it in some pretty doggone fun ways like yoga with pygmy goats or on a castle’s roof. 

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What Maggie’s athletic background is {and why it tee'd her up perfectly to teach yoga} 
  • Who in her life introduced her to yoga
  • Why she picked the small town of Pawleys Island over Charlestown as her first studio’s location
  • How she’s spicing up her studio’s marketing, tapping into her creative side, and connecting with her community in unexpected ways


With grit & gratitude,


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