Meet Jacob Andreae and Learn to Successfully Create Fitness Routines and Habits [PART 2]

We’re diving right back into where we left off in the last episode, and straight into the remaining two elements that create a good new routine system. 

In this episode, we’re going to continue our journey into the world of fitness psychology and chat about the cycle of habit (consisting of trigger, behavior and reward), how to modify behavior to create a healthy routine, and the importance of building momentum to uphold the motivation for health and fitness goals. 

If you’ve got establishing fundamental routines in your clients on the brain, then pour yourself a fresh cup of coffee and listen hard because you wouldn’t want to miss out on Andreae’s strategies to instill confidence in a client and multiply those visits to your studio.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Jacob introduces the last two systems for learning the psychology of behavior modification
  • The habit cycle and changing the way we perceive things 
  • Why working on your behaviors before stepping foot in the studio is critical to do 
  • Ways to add new behaviors and eliminate the old ones
  • How momentum and motivation work in tandem in the process of behavior modification


With grit & gratitude,


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