StudioGo: The Software that Runs Your Studio Like Clockwork [Part 1]

Does your client management system look like a rainbow of Post-It notes, dizzying numbers of Google Drive folders, clunky apps and CRMs that don’t talk to one another?

I can tell you right now, you aren’t alone, hon. 

Enter StudioGo.

What started as a love letter, turned into the most powerful, robust software on the market for studio owners. 

Join me and John Homyk as we chat about just how we created StudioGo, why it’s changing the lives of studio owners around the world, how it serves as a platform for employee management, personalizes communication with clients, builds in marketing and sales processes, finds the best membership for clients, and more!

Y’all, if having a studio that runs like clockwork while you sip piña colada on a beach is the dream, then dig out that bikini, because you’re about to get your life back. 

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • The love story behind the creation of StudioGo
  • How StudioGo changes everything when it comes to pulling reports
  • What software they were able to build and create way more than they ever expected
  • How StudioGo is a true CRM that also allows room for an employee management platform
  • Retail is largely overlooked, but by using StudioGo you can build targeted processes and marketing around it
  • That being able to walk clients through the journey in your studio, being able to prescribe the right membership based on data, is a game-changer


Interested in getting in a StudioGo Demo? Pick a time with John here.

Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz

With grit & gratitude,


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