Best of Ready. Aim. Empire: Emily Slaneff – Making Massive Growth in Year One of Business

In this week’s throwback episode, Studio Grow consultant, Cherise takes over to interview  Emily Slaneff, founder of CrushCamp, a small group and personal training studio in downtown Calgary offering HIIT, circuit, and TRX group fitness.

Join Cherise and Emily as they chat all about the amazing growth Emily’s been experiencing in her brand new studio. 

We’re talking 100 new members in 3 months kind of growth…during summer. 

Yep, Emily is a force in the fitness world, and not only is her story inspiring, but she shares a ton of fantastic insights for both brand-spankin' new and seasoned studio owners alike. 

The best part is, she’s just getting started, and we can’t wait to see where she grows next. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Emily founded CrushCamp from a place of necessity and the values she consciously defined before ever opening her doors
  • What made her say “yes” to trusting the process and embracing a membership model and marketing plan that has resulted in 100 members in a span of 3 months (during a typically slow season)
  • Why Emily decided to embark on The Client Cure journey and how she has leveraged the education and support to grow her studio quickly
  • Emily’s future goals for CrushCamp and the possibilities that lie ahead in growing her fitness empire

Connect with Emily and CrushCamp:

With grit & gratitude,


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