Best of Ready. Aim. Empire: Meet Nathania Stambouli, and Get the Inside Scoop on Launching Retreats that Sell Out

What do you get when you cross a marketing director with a yoga teacher?

You get THIRTY sign-ups on your very first retreat.

If you’ve ever thought about hosting your own retreat, this is one throwback episode you should-not-cannot miss. 

On this week’s episode of the Best of Ready. Aim. Empire, we’re getting up close and personal with Nathania Stambouli, founder of Soul Play yoga and Soul Tribe Adventures. 

And let me tell you, this woman is on FIRE: She runs not one, but two incredibly successful businesses fulltime and makes it breezier than her Bali retreats.

Apart from digging deep into exactly what goes into creating and marketing a successful retreat, we also chat about Nathania’s experience of buying a well-established studio and the journey of rebranding it to make it her own, and the entrepreneurial fire you need to launch a secondary business without pulling (all of) your hair out! 

If you’re content with where you’re at and have no desire to grow your studio, maybe this one isn’t for you. 

But, if you’ve got fire in your soul and the thought of growing your studio has you giddy with excitement, then get ready for some major inspiration. 

In this episode you’ll learn: 

  • Nathania’s secret to getting her retreats featured and promoted in so many publications
  • Why strategy plus luck, consistency and follow through = Free Advertising
  • The secret to taking over a studio owned by someone else without losing all existing clients
  • The three sticking points that Nathania didn’t anticipate and how she was able to work through them
  • How she juggles having two very busy and successful businesses


With grit & gratitude,


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