Paula Kiru and the Power of Persistence

I can really talk about the importance of persistence and intuition ‘till the cows come home. 

And no one knows this better than the guest for today’s episode of Ready.Aim.Empire and the founder of Om Yoga in Finland, Paula Kiru.

Paula opened her first yoga studio in Tampere, Finland in 2005 and back when yoga was still relatively new to Finland. Very different from the bustling, dynamic industry it is today. 

Paula recounts how there was only one other studio in Tampere when she started and how all the conversations around yoga in the country only focused on it as a form of exercise. 

With no other studios to draw inspiration from, Paula had to rely solely on her intuition. 

In today’s episode, join Paula as she chats with Lise on her training in San Francisco, the changes in the fitness industry in Finland, and the secret behind her rapid growth over the past year.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What the yoga and boutique fitness industry in Finland looks like now and how it’s changed since Paula started
  • What brought Paula to San Francisco years ago for yoga training and how this experience helped give her the tools to be good teacher
  • The challenges she faced in opening her studio and finding qualified teachers to work with her
  • Paula’s ultimate vision for her business and how her membership has grown in just one short year since starting The Client Cure
  • What she says is the most gratifying thing she is seeing in the work that she is doing 


With grit & gratitude,


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