The Referral Loop: Rethinking Your Referral System

Y’all, over the past month, I channeled my inner 007.

I popped into studios all over the country and made it a point to see how many studios offered a referral option to me right at the beginning of my journey with them. Y’know, encouraged me to let a friend accompany me to my first session.

And I was shocked to see not a single one of them did. 

I get that brands think offering early referrals can come off as ‘sleazy car salesman.’ 

Let’s think about this. A new client is often making major lifestyle changes to join your studio – be it restructuring their schedule to take your classes or just working out more than they used to. 

You know what can help them get through something so difficult?

A familiar face to help them stick to it.

And it’s one of your most important jobs to put that in place for them. 

In this episode, learn more about our tried and tested referral system to get new clients through the door and get them to stay. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How I changed my perspective and the way I look at referrals 
  • Two different referral offers I usually have in place in my business
  • Why financials are NOT the driving factor of a business
  • The benefits of taking the time to build rapport, being direct and presenting the statistics (as well as having an effective onboard clients support system)
  • And more!


With grit & gratitude,


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