The Pitfalls of People-pleasing

Welcome to a brand new episode in our Misconstrued Beliefs series!

Last week, we tackled lies we tell ourselves about our business’s financing. 

This week, we’ve got a belief that I hear from nearly every friend and colleague I reach out to:

‘If I’m not liked by someone, I’m not worthy of being liked by anyone. 

If my studio is not appreciated by someone, it isn’t worthy of being appreciated by anyone.’

I hear y’all. 

And I confess, I still struggle with this. 

Being from the Deep South, I’m a people pleaser through-and-through. 

And boy, is it difficult to always need to be liked. 

So instead of trying to give you concrete advice here, I’m just gonna share the steps I’ve been taking to deal with these feelings. 

So join me as I take you through the three questions you might need to start asking yourself, my replaced mantra to deal with negative opinions, my personal struggles with nasty comments and much, much more.

Y’all, it’s been a long battle, but this might just get us both to the other side!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Why I say that I am a people pleaser…
  • How social media has brought a lot of gain (and pain) into my life and business
  • The three questions I have started asking myself lately
  • The mantra I practice every day to help combat these feelings to be a better leader


With grit & gratitude,


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