Christa Gurka and the Case for Organic Growth (Part 1)

Your first step as a studio owner doesn’t have to be a big, impressive spectacle complete with fanfare and the works. 

It doesn’t have to take years of planning, massive financial backing, and pages and pages of business plans to finally get you moving. 

Meticulous planning is great and the discipline in it is definitely something that’ll come in handy in your business. 

But sometimes, it can hinder more than help. 

The more you plan, the more knowledge you gather about the industry, and the more you micromanage your future business, the more scared you get. 

And it might stop you from starting at all. 

I think there’s a case to be made for slow, organic growth. For perhaps jumping before you’re ready, starting your business, and then growing along with your studio. 

And that’s exactly how today’s guest, Christa Gurka, started her journey in boutique fitness. 

Now the CEO and founder of Pilates in the Grove, Christa had an unconventional start to her business career. A physical therapist by degree, she worked in a physical centre that did pilates-based rehab and was able to open her own 300 sq.ft pilates studio as an extension of her clinic. 

And when she did, she knew absolutely nothing about running a business. 

However, she learned along the way. 

And my my, did she learn. This episode is FILLED with her advice from everything from mindset to hiring and I found myself nodding in agreement to everything she said. 

If you need that push to get over your fears and open the business you’ve been dreaming about, this first episode in a two-part series with Christa is right up your alley!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Pilates in the Grove was formed and the motivation behind the idea for Christa
  • Why she feels that starting small and growing organically is the best long-term approach for building a business
  • What happened when Christa started to let go of control and shifted her mindset
  • Her best tips for hiring, what they are focusing on now as a team and so much more…

With grit & gratitude,



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