Amy Lafko and Building the Perfect Team

Leadership and building a team. 

Both of them go hand-in-hand and both are points that many studio owners really struggle with. 

How can you become a great leader who hires a team that fits your studio’s mission, values, and goals?

Well, we’re bringing back Amy Lafko (you might remember her from previous Ready.Aim.Empire episodes!) to discuss ALL of that and more. 

Amy is the founder of Cairn Consultations and has spent years teaching leaders how to grow their team AND their people. 

And today, she’ll be discussing everything from what mindset you need to get into to be a leader in 2021, the importance of developing mission and core values, how to make sure you hire the right personalities for your team, how to tackle compensation, and way more!

Amy’s insights are powerful, especially if you’re struggling with bad hire after bad hire and feel like you need a drastic change in your business, so go ahead, grab those airpods and listen in!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What it takes, from a personal perspective, to effectively lead your team
  • Specific questions to ask yourself before starting to hire your staff
  • How to identify the types of personalities that will fit both your team and your vision
  • The way to discuss compensation with your employees, plus the information to share and strategies to use when doing so 

With grit and gratitude,



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