Bringing Back ALL Our Experts

Man oh man is today’s episode a treat for y’all!

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve had some of boutique fitness’ best leaders share their advice through Studio Grow’s Masterclass panel. 

We’ve been joined by Amy Lafko (aka, the queen of leadership consulting), Jackie Short (our Facebook Ads whiz), Shannon Simmons (the GOAT on all things Profit-First), and Dan Kuecker (our CFO). 

(If you haven’t caught their episodes, just scroll back on the last couple of Ready.Aim.Empire installments to listen)

Well, in today’s episode, we’re bringing them all back!

If you’ve ever wanted a 30-minute Masterclass on leadership & hiring, Facebook Ads, AND financial modelling all rolled into one, this episode is perfect for you. 

So listen in as: 

1 – Amy Lafko explains the DISC personality test (and why you should be using it through the whole hiring and onboarding process)

2 – Jackie Short talks about Facebook Ads and what offers will work best to get the last of those summer clients into your studio

3 – Shannon Simmons breaks down how to approach financial modelling from a Profit-First perspective (spoiler alert: the question you should be starting with is ‘how much do I want to pay myself?’)

This episode is perfect for those who want a lot of information jam-packed into a small amount of time, so get your notebook out and start listening!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • A breakdown of the DiSC assessment, and how it can impact the way that you lead your team
  • Tips and strategies for planning summer promotions in your studio
  • How to add more value for your clients {without discounting your services}
  • The best way to make financial projections in your business
  • Two important metrics to look at when analyzing your numbers
  • What dividends are {and the advantages to receiving them}
  • Key differences to be aware of when you have an S Corporation versus an LLC

With grit and gratitude,


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