The Coach Takeover: Chris and Jen Downham and Perfect Partnerships

Partnerships are important. 

Be it for P.E class in the 5th Grade or in your business, it’s crucial to find and build a partnership that can stand the test of time, runs like a well oiled machine, and that brings out the best in you. 

Which is why today, Studio Grow coach Chris Downham is taking over Ready.Aim.Empire!

Chris is the co-founder and Chief Tech Officer at R1SE Yoga in Sheffield, UK

While Chris is a tech guru and an incredible coach, he also has one of the best professional partnerships that I’ve ever seen – the one with his wife and R1SE Yoga co-founder, Jen Dowham!

Now, as someone who also runs a business with my spouse, I know firsthand that working with your better half can be a wonderful experience. 

But, only if you put in the work. 

In today’s episode, Chris and Jen will be taking you through how they make their professional partnership work. They’ll be sharing advice on how to build a partnership in boutique fitness, what to look for in a business partner, what to do when your partnership isn’t working anymore, how to divide and conquer so both of you are working in your zones of genius, and more!

If you feel like the world of professional partnership is overwhelming and scary, let Chris and Jen guide you (and trust me, you’ll have several laughs along the way too!). 

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Chris feels that the business partnership with his wife Jen is working so well
  • The importance of introducing the right technology tools into your business
  • His thoughts on the need for open lines of communication at all times
  • What are the essential keys to a successful partnership
  • Their tips and strategies for hiring a coach on your business journey 

With grit and gratitude,



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