From Startup to Serious Acquisitions:  Chatting Scale and Customer Insights with Row House Founder Debra Strougo

The fitness industry has witnessed several waves of change over the last few years. And with every conversation I have with boutique fitness owners who are on the forefront of these changes, I learn something new about what the future of boutique fitness is going to look like.

And after this episode of The Business of Boutique Fitness, if there’s anything that I know is going to be instrumental to success in this industry moving forward, it’s knowing your clients and being sensitive to their needs, and making sure that you’re working to serve and deliver to the right people!

Y’all, in this episode, I’m having a conversation with Debra Strougo, an absolute powerhouse, the founder of Row House, and so much more! We’re diving deep into how she got her start in fitness, how her background in marketing and branding ties in with her fitness story, how Row House was born, and what’s next in store!

Here’s what we’re talking about in this episode:

  • Debra’s first steps into boutique fitness and how her passion for the industry started 
  • What happened when her passion evolved into her profession 
  • The lesson Debra learned on false starts for clients and the way that led to her launching Row House
  • How to approach digging deep into your client avatar and setting the stage for a strong brand 
  • Some of the biggest things Debra has learned since she started her very first studio 
  • Why she chose franchising as the path for her business with so many different options available 
  • Deb’s tips to help you get into the minds of your consumer 
  • Her thoughts on embracing all users or sub-avatars
  • A prediction on what is to come for our industry in 2023

With grit and gratitude,



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