Meeting of the Mines:  Ann Marie Barbour chats Operations, Opening Your Doors and Breaking the Mold in Baltimore

At Studio Grow, we talk about the future of boutique fitness a lot. 

But it’s not often that you get to see it unfold right in front of you. 

That’s why this week’s episode of The Business of Boutique Fitness is unlike any other.

Because today, I’m speaking to Anne-Marie Barbour, whose doggone groundbreaking boutique studio concept, the Mine, is one of the most innovative wellness concepts I’ve ever seen in this industry. 

The Mine is what a marriage between big box and boutique fitness would look like. It’s a 22,000 sq. feet space that houses 5 boutique studios under one roof, with a co-working space, an open gym, a juice bar (and so much more)!

Join me and Anne-Marie as we chat about the future of boutique fitness, the need for holistic 360° client experiences and discuss which studio model will emerge as #1 in the next decade.

Here’s what we’re talking about in Episode 547:

  • How Anne Marie started her career in the fitness industry with programming
  • Her suggestions for building programs that ensure cohesive client experience
  • How Anne-Marie approached the project of building a boutique fitness concept in a 22,000 square feet space
  • How Anne Marie and her team rolled out their idea of “boutique meets big box” in their marketing and messaging 
  • How to build a wellness center model with physical therapists, drip labs and recovery centers by partnering with local, well-known businesses
  • Anne-Marie’s tips on structuring management and sales teams 

Y’all don’t wanna miss this one. Tune in now to start listening!

With grit and gratitude,



Balance Is Bullshit: A Realistic Approach to Integrating Healthier Habits into Your Life by Alicia McKenzie

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