Series 1 Crucial KPIs: Overhauling Profits Through KPIs

As a studio owner, you know you can’t guess your way to success. 

You need facts, numbers, and data – quantifiable metrics that measure the health of your business and give you an insight into your growth and progress. 

In other words, you need to start tracking your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

But here’s the catch – most studio owners are intimidated by KPIs. They think tracking KPIs is a vast and complex task fit only for Finance majors and business analysts.

But they’re so wrong!

Because the truth is – tracking your KPIs can be super simple (and fun, once you get the hang of it!). 

In this week’s episode of The Business Of Boutique Fitness, Studio Grow Coach Michelle will take you into the world of KPIs and break it down so you can learn how to track your 5 most crucial KPIs, starting today!

Here’s what we’ll cover in Episode 549:

  • What are KPIs, and how can you use them to evaluate your studio? 
  • What are Vanity KPIs? And, how to identify them?
  • The 5 crucial KPIs you need to start tracking ASAP
  • How to use KPIs to make decisions about hiring and class scheduling
  • Highlight the value of your membership with these KPIs

Tune in now to start listening!

With grit and gratitude,



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