Assessing the Quality of Your Customer Experience Through KPIs Featuring Coach Michelle

What’s the #1 factor that sets you apart from your competition and helps you build something that’s 100% unique to your brand?

Your Customer Experience.

Y’all, customer experience isn’t simply about whether your members have a good time in the classroom.

It’s about every single interaction a customer has with your studio – and it begins from the very first moment a lead discovers your brand. 

You want your customers to feel seen, heard and valued. 

You want them to be engaged, satisfied and loyal to you. 

Most importantly, you want your customers to stay. 

But how can you know whether your customers like your studio enough to keep coming back to it? 

It’s simple: By measuring and analyzing the quality of your customer experience – through (you guessed it!) KPIs.

In this week’s episode of The Business Of Boutique Fitness, join Studio Grow Coach, Michelle, on Part 2 of our Crucial KPIs series as we dive into the 4 fundamental KPIs you need to start tracking to evaluate, understand and improve your customer experience.

Here’s what we’ll cover in Episode 550:

  • 3 key aspects of customer experience you can’t ignore
  • How to track the 4 KPIs that indicate the quality of your customer experience
  • The conversion rate KPIs you need to start tracking ASAP
  • How to leverage KPIs to understand your customers’ needs and make informed business decisions

Tune in now to start listening!

With grit and gratitude,



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