Growing PLANS…Not Growing PAINS!


Have you ever found yourself at your studio, coffee cup in hand, daydreaming…

“What if I spread my wings and flew to a second location? Maybe even a third?”

Yet, just when the excitement starts to bubble, the uncertainty takes over…

“How the heck do I make this happen?” 

Been there, felt that.

Here’s the kicker: in EPISODE 569, we're turning those dreams into plans. 

Together with Coach Jasmine and Catherine, we transform this Everest-sized mission into small, enjoyable steps.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Assembling Your Dream Team: Delve into the power of a reliable team that's vibing with your brand.
  • Creating a Winning Blueprint: Craft a plan that's replicable and can run smoothly across multiple locations.
  • Mastering the Art of Balance: How to create ‘me' time that doesn't leave you feeling like a guilt sandwich.
  • The Power of Pause: Why hitting the pause button can, surprisingly, put you on the fast track forward.

If the idea of your logo gleaming in numerous neighborhoods excites you…

EPISODE 569 is the roadmap you need.

Let’s take this journey…together.

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With grit and gratitude,



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