Studio Surge – Unveiling Growth Strategies and Transformative Insights around a Multi-Studio Expansion


Imagine, just for a moment, standing in the heart of not one, not two, but…thirteen buzzing studios.

Okay, perhaps it's just me and my wild daydreams, but seriously, can you imagine?

Queue the drumroll because in EPISODE 577, we’re getting cozy with the dynamic power couple, Beth and Brent Potter, who’ve done just that.

Trust me…their story is the stuff of legends!

Here's what they dished about:

  • Leadership, Potter Style: Brent shares his not-so-secret recipe: a blend of trust, accountability, and some seriously stellar lead trainers.
  • The Anytime Fitness Magic Touch: Ever wonder how to sprinkle the same warmth and energy across multiple spots? Brent's got the playbook.
  • Rolling with the 2020 Punches: We all had our battles, but the Potters? They danced through the storm, focusing on heart, soul, and community.
  • Life's Balancing Act: Juggling growth, and sneaking in “me-time”. Yep, Brent and Beth have some tales to tell.

Feeling the vibe?


Slide into EPISODE 577 and hear their stories that inspire, uplift, and offer a chuckle or two.

With grit and gratitude,



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