180 Degree Turnaround for Boutique Fitness Human Resources – The New Org Chart


Ever glanced at your org chart and thought, “Hmm, maybe it's time for a little shake-up?” 

I know I've been there. 

Maybe we’ll make a gentle shift? 

Nope, we're talking a full-on 180-degree twist!

In EPISODE 578, I sat down with some brilliant souls who are jazzing up the world of Boutique HR. 

And trust me, the insights they shared?… 

Absolute gems!

Here's a little glimpse of our chat:

  • Leadership, The New Way: Picture an org chart where everyone gets their moment in the sun. Heartwarming, right?
  • The Heartbeat of HR: It's not about who stands where, but about creating a place where everyone feels like they truly belong.
  • Old School vs. New Rhythms: Sometimes, to find the right tune, we need to change the record. 
  • Stories to Warm Your Heart: Real tales from those brave enough to try something different.

Curious? Excited? Maybe just a tiny bit intrigued?

Perfect! Let's dive into EPISODE 578 together. 

I promise, it's a chat you won't want to miss.

With grit and gratitude,



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