180 Degree Turnaround for Boutique Fitness Human Resources:  Your Teachers, Trainers and How To Avoid Wanting to Fire Them All


Is your studio a high-stakes drama? 

Is it a stage where every session is a show, each trainer is a star, and you? 

You’re the brilliant director behind it all.

If it’s not…

In EPISODE 581, we’re peeling back the curtain to reveal the nitty-gritty of running a studio that's not just a gym…but a hot-ticket theater.

Here’s the lineup:

  • Talent Retention is No Joke: This isn't some community theater production; we're talking Broadway-level stakes here.
  • Be the Director, Not Just the Boss: Your job is to bring out the Tony-worthy performances in everyone, from front desk to trainers.
  • It's Showtime, Always: A studio isn't just four walls and some equipment; it's a live performance that happens the moment someone walks in.
  • Are We Built to Last?: The big question we all need to answer before the final curtain call.
  • Industry Lessons, Stage-Ready: Even Broadway directors watch other shows. What can we learn from the gym and health club scene?

On the edge of your seat? 

Great, let’s do it.Catch ya in EPISODE 581 and let’s make your studio the hottest ticket in town!

With grit and gratitude,



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