Transforming the Skyline of UK Fitness: Rob Beale, Fitness Director of Third Space, Chats Why London is Leading the Boutique Fitness Boom


Imagine a place where fitness is more than just exercise—it's more like a transformative experience. 

In Episode 588, we’re unveiling the magic behind one of London's hottest studios. 

Join me as I dive deep with Rob Beal, Director of Fitness at Third Space. 

Where we explore how this unique concept is revolutionizing the fitness landscape.

Here's What We Uncover:

  • A Sanctuary, Not Just a Gym: Discover how Third Space creates a nurturing environment that goes beyond physical fitness.
  • Diversity in Motion: From the calm of yoga to the vigor of high-intensity workouts, Third Space caters to every fitness aspiration.
  • Beyond Equipment: Every corner of Third Space is designed to uplift, motivate, and inspire.
  • Personal Training Transformed: It's not just training, it's a journey towards self-discovery and empowerment.
  • Tech with a Heartbeat: Embracing technology that understands and enhances your fitness journey.
  • London's Fitness Haven: Learn about Third Space's strategic expansion, making holistic fitness accessible to more people.

If you’re interested in what the future of fitness looks like…

Grab your headphones and press play on EPISODE 588.

Catch ya there!

With grit and gratitude,



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