The Industry and Consumer Behavior


2023 was just the starting block. 

Now, we're racing into a year where fitness transcends traditional workouts.

It's evolving into a full-blown lifestyle change.

In EPISODE 590, we delve into the seismic shift transforming the fitness industry.

Here's the lowdown:

  • Beyond the Boutique: We're not just about workouts anymore. We're at the forefront of preventative health.
  • The Wellness Wave: Forget the old weight loss goals. Now, it's all about feeling fabulous.
  • Evolving Fitness Plans: Discover how fitness packages are adapting beyond the ‘all-you-can-train' models.
  • Trailblazers Alert: Meet Fitlab and their groundbreaking partnerships, redefining what a studio can be.
  • AI: The Silent Revolution: See how AI is flipping the script for small fitness businesses.
  • Worldwide Wellness: Take a global tour of the latest fitness trends and how consumer behaviors are shifting.

This is just a glimpse into the future.

So, plug in those headphones and join us in EPISODE 590.

Let's stride into this new era together.

Catch ya there!

With grit and gratitude,


PS: Stay tuned for our deep dives into regional fitness trends in our upcoming episodes!

PPS: Join us for Dare To Thrive on February 28th & March 1st in Los Angeles, CA.

It’s (2) live days of incredible experts, actionable training, community, networking, movement, and coaching to get inspired and ready for the biggest year for your studio yet.


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