Looking ahead to 2024: Peter and Khadijah the Middle East.


Ready for some serious inspo?

In Episode 598, we’re diving deep with Khadija Harmi, a true force of nature in the Middle East fitness scene.

Khadija isn't just any entrepreneur…She's a mom, a Pilates guru, and the brain behind a game-changing fitness studio. 

From a corporate desk to the heart of Kuwait's fitness scene…Khadijah’s journey is a story passion-driven entrepreneurship.

Here’s what we unpack:

  • Global Flair, Local Impact: Khadija’s world travels have infused her studio with a unique vibe that's all about bridging cultures.
  • Leap of Faith: How she traded office life for the studio lights and never looked back.
  • Mentorship Magic: Spotting a gap in qualified instructors, Khadija turned challenge into opportunity by nurturing home-grown talent.
  • Community First: Her studio is more than a place to sweat; it’s where heart meets hustle.

If Khadijah’s story doesn’t light a fire in your belly, check your pulse!

So let’s dive into Episode 598 and soak up all that inspiration.

Catch you there.

With grit and gratitude,


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