7-Figure studios 600th Episode Celebration


This one's not just another episode; it's a milestone!

Episode 600 drops us into the lives of five fearless studio owners, all who've danced with chaos and led it into a waltz of success. 

Ever thought success was a clean, straight path? Let's rethink that.

As we crack open the doors to these unique journeys, we're celebrating the resilience, ingenuity, and heart it takes to turn the tides of the fitness industry.

Here’s what we’re getting into:

  • Michael Abbott’s Aussie Comeback: How rethinking strategy from the ground up can lead to unexpected triumphs.
  • Leslie Parker's Canadian Resilience: The power of community in turning prolonged closures into a growth catalyst.
  • Bill’s Tech-Savvy Transition: From IT to fitness, Bill leverages his tech prowess for operational magic in the US.
  • Lindy’s Cali Evolution: How a chance meeting and bold decisions propelled her studio to thrive against the odds.
  • Catherine Hebb’s UK Growth Tale: Catherine’s leap from Pilates enthusiast to multi-studio success story is nothing short of inspiring.

These stories are straight from the heart of the fitness industry.

Proving passion and innovation can conquer even the toughest challenges.

So grab your headphones and tune into Episode 600.

Catch you there.

With grit and gratitude,



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