Mindset Matters: Building Boundaries without Guilt

Boundaries can get a bad rap.

Like they’re selfish. Or prohibitive.

But really, they're freeing. 

And fundamental. 

In my latest podcast episode, Mindset Matters: Building Boundaries Without Guilt, Coach Heather walks us through why boundaries matter, how to set them and how to hold them.

In Episode 611, you’ll get 10 tips on establishing and enforcing boundaries. They’re your practical playbook.

More of what we’ll explore: 

  • Classification Counts: Boundaries come in different types? Discover how healthy boundaries trump rigid and porous ones. 
  • Self-care Strategy: Manage stress, reduce overwhelm, seek balance and avoid burnout by outlining your limits. 
  • Assumptions Banished: Set specific expectations and improve communication with your team.
  • Resistance Ready: Boundaries often mean change. Change is hard. Expect some pushback.
  • Guilt Begone: You’re not doing anything wrong, so don’t apologize. Boundaries aren’t about controlling others.

A lack of boundaries means a lack of structure and order. Get empowered to draw some lines and set standards for you and your business in Episode 611.

Catch you there.

With grit and gratitude,


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