A History Lesson + The Less Is Better Mindset

Let me set the stage.


Philadelphia. The US of A. June 6, 1776. The Second Continental Congress.


Richard Henry Lee introduces a motion for independence. A committee is formed and less than four weeks later a document is accepted that changes not just the United States, but colonialist powers throughout the world from Haiti to France to India.


The Declaration of Independence.


This is a remarkably simple document. It leaves our far more than it shares.

Less, but better.


I’d had this principle in place pretty strongly in place before I started this online consulting business. I had my days narrowed down, a clear job role and infrastructure with an incredible team. It was almost ten years of refinement that had resulted in a business that flowed effortlessly.


Insert disruption {aka the my courses and consulting business}. And, I was right back to square one.


Did I focus my days or working with clients or writing content like my courses or blogs? Building out my website or hiring someone? Meeting with my team 2 times a week or ten? Working in the morning or all hours of the night with my laptop by my side?


And, my clear role and priorities went out the window.


A few months ago as we prepped for another phase of growth, I realized that I couldn’t grow my company again and keep my sanity. I needed to narrow down what my role was, what I would focus on and what my days would revolve around.


The catalyst was two-fold. I’d done this refinement before and I was doing it for dozens of our clients. I knew what to do. I just needed some inspiration.


Insert Greg McKeown. He wrote a little book called Essentialism that I think should be on most of our nightstands. And, for the Cliff Notes version, check out this amazing 6 minute long interview on NPR.


This struggle is no unique to me. In fact, it’s probably the number 1 thing I work with our private clients on.

  • Do I hire a sales manager or try to do it myself?
  • Do I create a new prospect funnel or keep the existing one?
  • Do I clean the business, set up our newsletter, see my clients and go to bed before 2 AM?
  • What is my role in my business and how does it need to change as my revenue grows?


The fact is that when I operate under less is more, I focus on what really needs to be done to accomplish my goals. And, I do it without sacrificing my life.


So as we celebrate freedom, consider what’s enslaving you…too many priorities, too many ideas, too many choices…and take a moment to pare down to what’s the most Essential.


Your business, you bank account and your sanity will most definitely thank you for it.


With Grit and Gratitude,



P.S. I should share two things. First, I love history {enough so that I spend some of my free time volunteering at Thomas Jefferson’s house, Monticello}. Second, I am a nerdy literature major {I am not exaggerating this…if you spend a day with me you’ll be forced to agree}. 

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