Podcast Episode 001: The Who, What and Why Behind This Podcast

We always say we’re going to start something. We’re going to start some DIY projects around the house or we’re going to start a business idea.

But something ALWAYS gets in the way.

And the most common excuses are

“Well, it’s just not the right time.”

“Not right now.”

“I’ll get to it later.”

How many times have you said any of those things this week? This year? Heck, your entire life?

Those are just the surface level excuse.

And slowly our intentions become distant thoughts.

I’ve been thinking of starting this podcast for almost a YEAR, but

  • I was busy running 4 brick and mortar businesses
  • I built an incredible virtual company that has online courses and private consulting and worked with a few thousand people. {That’s a lot in such a short amount of time!}

But when I actually went deeper and really thought about why I wasn’t starting this podcast, it came down to the fact that I wanted to wait until a certain point in my consulting business.

Do you feel like there’s something holding you back from starting? Maybe you have to pick out paint colors before you start painting your office. Or you want to build a website before getting your first client.

So what’s your before that’s stopping you from starting?

Complete this sentence –

I really want to ________________________, but before I do, I must _________________________.

Whatever you put in that second blank, put it on your calendar for this week. Literally, jot down what really has to get done. This is a place for action takers and I’m getting you started immediately.

If you want to listen in on my new baby, check out episode 1 of Ready Aim Empire!

And I’ve created an incredible space for my Ready Aim Fire tribe in a Facebook Group. Join for more in-depth discussions on the topics shared.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How my businesses have generated millions of dollars and taught me so many lessons. This podcast is where I get to share all the details about my journey of having extraordinarily successful companies and how you can too {I typically work 15 hours a week and you can too}!
  • How to write a life plan before a formal business plan to show exactly how you want your business and workweek to look like. I’m proud to say that I’ve accomplished my life plan even beyond what I had expected.
  • What hiring the right people can do to fulfill your business plan and fill in any gaps you may have. This is CRUCIAL for creating your dream business and life.
  • What specific strategies and mindset shifts are needed to get results. For my clients, I make an essential part of my teaching and even practice it myself.
  • How not to get caught up in all the “how to” do something rat race when you really just need to take a leap of faith. I’ve always been rewarded for taking risks in business. Some may not have been right away, but thinking long-term will reap tons of benefits.

Coral 18


With Grit & Gratitude,



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