Quadruple Your Monthly Income In Less Than 4 Weeks Through Facebook Ads & Intentional Intake

Pilates came into my life courtesy of a prescription from my doctor while I was in University, but I didn’t consider making a career of it until tragedy struck our family. 

I lost my second daughter just 3 weeks before her due date.  I realize now that I’m not the same person I was before this happened.  How could a mother be?  But, I knew I couldn’t go back to the life I’d lived before.  Little Bird Pilates was born as a memorial to my daughter, whose name means Little Bird in Sanskrit. 

Small Beginnings

Within 3 years, I’d signed a lease on my first space on the shores of Lake Geneva.  Some people might have called me crazy.  After all, most people don’t go into new businesses with a 5 year old running around and an 18 month old toddling alongside them. 

But, when purpose drives you into business you can ignore a lot of things to get off the ground. 

The business grew steadily, but given that my rental agreement charged me for each hour I leased the space, it quickly became clear that I needed a better solution which I found in my current space.  I made plans to move my entire studio in early April 2016, on the first day of my now 3 children’s Spring Break. 

If you’ve ever wondered what crazy feels like, this situation will show you.  In March a friend sent me one of Lisé’s Facebook ads of a webinar, thinking it might be a good fit, which it certainly was. 

Capitalizing on a move to create major income growth

With only four weeks to create a marketing plan and business strategy, we got straight to work. 

The first, and biggest concern, I had was that I’m a mum to 3 and wanted plenty of time to enjoy my little ones. 

Switzerland has numerous holidays throughout the year and during the summer most of my clients are far more likely to be on the beach than in the studio. 

Knowing how many of my clients were mum’s, that worked for both of our schedules, but designing programs that would accommodate limited summer classes, school holidays and family time was daunting to say the least. 

Lisé and I devised a package that was based around semesters.  My clients could sign up for individual semesters or choose a discounted year long option. 

The semesters were framed around the pre-existing holidays and included a lower priced summer-time semester that took into account my reduced classes. 

Thanks to our move we had a perfect marketing plan to jumpstart my new clients.  Having had little experience with Facebook ads, I was a bit nervous, but made the leap in. 

Major Results Can Come From Minor Marketing Campaigns

The results?  Our two week long promotion brought in enough new clients and long term revenue to quadruple my monthly income and yearly revenue. 

Who knew that something that simple could be so life changing? 

Nowadays, thanks to the success in the studio, I’ve got my eye on a bigger purpose.  I’m preparing to launch my first online program and would like to build in an element whereby people in developing countries, like my homeland, which is Zimbabwe, can benefit too.  And, all the while, I’m getting to be a mum, friend, wife and entrepreneur on my own terms.

The Big Takeaway

Your ideal business should reflect your ideal life.  Standard packages, hours and workweeks may not apply to your business.

But, if it’s strategically crafted you can build a 6 figure business on your terms. 

Facebook ads done correctly can dramatically impact your bottom line if they’re done as part of a Signature Sale.  And, our little studios can create major world impact thanks to following our purpose. 



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