From Ready To Close To Ready To Grow In Just 3 Months Thanks To Pricing Services Right

I grew up in my family’s restaurants in Houston and Austin.Entrepreneurship was just part of our family’s DNA.It wasn’t a question of “If” I would have a business…it was a question of “When” and “What”.

After graduate school for a Masters in Counseling and several years in the trenches, I realized it was time to do something I loved.  I started with a simple certification and the next thing I knew, I had found my purpose. 

I’ve always had lots of interests and passions, but nothing just fit like this.  Working with clients just energized me and for the first time in my life I knew I was good at something and I simultaneously got to help people, which had been my goal with counseling. 

It was the one thing I did where I found my “flow” and I felt like I was the person I was meant to be.

Sometimes It Takes A Leap Of Faith

The business started small in a room I rented from a PT Clinic. It wasn’t long before I filled up my schedule and added a second instructor.  Then came 3 more pieces of Pilates equipment and even more clients.  When the space next to the clinic came available, I took a leap of faith and moved in. 

More equipment came…along with 5 more instructors. 

I know what you’re thinking.This sounds like a massive success. Except I wasn’t paying myself anywhere near what I needed to have the lifestyle I wanted.Most months I was lucky if there was a paycheck. 

I called Lisé on the very last day The Client Cure was open for purchase in March of 2016.  We spent an hour on the phone…two girls with Louisiana and Texas connections will do that.

I told her I was ready to close up and move on, but I would treat this as my last ditch effort to save the studio. 

Pricing “You” Can Be The Scariest Part Of Your Business

Working with Lisé made me realize my pricing just wasn’t cutting it.  It was encouraging people to buy packs of sessions with zero expiration dates, which meant 10 lessons could stretch out over 10 days, 10 months or 10 years. 

There was no reason for my clients to commit to their goals, and no way for my business to build sustainable, recurring monthly income. 

Lisé built my pricing with one thing in mind…that discounts only came with commitment.  We aren’t inexpensive…in fact, my prices are some of the highest prices that you’ll see.   

We looked at my where my biggest chance for profit lay, which was clearly my small group training sessions, and we tackled pricing my services so that most of my clients went onto unlimited, long term programs.

We launched our new model in early Summer and by July it was clear the new pricing was exactly what we needed.  

Our revenue leapt from 11K a month to over 28K a month within just two months.  

My bigger problem became hiring enough people {which is another story for you} to keep up with our client demand, and now I’m focused on social media campaigns to drive the studio to even higher levels.  

It’s crazy now to imagine that just one year ago, I was ready to close up shop and give up this dream and now, I’m wondering how many more businesses are in my future.

The Big Takeaway

Pricing your services right is crucial to building sustainable income.  Don’t be afraid to be the most expensive, since that’s the market that always has the most growth potential and the least competition. 


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