The Studio {and Coaches} Starter Kit: Persuasion

My grandmother, Mawsey, was magical. I swear it’s as if Tinkerbell had flown from Neverland and transformed herself into a 5’2” New York bundle of energy that had been displaced in Southern Louisiana. When she opened up her arms as we ran into her kitchen {or on her porch or to her car—hugs were anywhere}, my whole world was complete.

She was also a rather spunky woman. When voters were being disenfranchised, guess who started monitoring the polls. When her favorite politicians were on TV, watch out…she was sure to let you know. If her grandchild was due to give a speech on 18th century Near Eastern studies, guess who was front row and proclaiming the genius they were {totally embarrassing, but she gave me strength}.

She could persuade anyone around her that what she had to say was innate truth. Valuable. Worth listening to. Yes, she was brilliant, but it was more than that…she was a natural teacher.

Persuasion, sales, motivating…they’re really just education with a different name and what this requires of you is no different than what my Mawsey did naturally—you need to teach.

Just as reminder the building blocks of our starter kit, in order, are:

1. Pricing
2. Persuasion
3. Profits

Persuasion comes before profits. If you can’t persuade or convince someone to leave behind their habits {the dark side} and join your program that will bring positive change {the light}, profits won’t be there.

This is a personal experience between your client and you. It’s where their transformation starts.

Last year, I went to a class for teachers on teaching children how to read. This has been one of the most terrifying things of being a parent. I was a naturally precocious reader. My mother, who has a master’s in curriculum, used her teacher’s prowess to encourage and watch us grow into virulent readers. She knew the steps it took to get us there. And, one by one she walked us through each stage of the process.

My literature degree didn’t teach me how to show my child how to read. And, I was floundering in wondering what I as a parent needed to do next….would my child read by the age of 10; would he hate books in the process; or would I have a nervous breakdown over this. All seemed highly likely.

Until I sat before a very wise professor {and mom to five} who broke down a simple and innate process.

Persuasion works the same. This is not just an innate gift. It’s a system that can be replicated over and over again. For your business this is nothing short of miraculous. It means prospects become clients become long-term customers. Each of these customers becomes the foundation for profits. And, these profits…they become the foundation for the lifestyle you started this business for.

I started to write steps, but to be honest; this is far to deep of a topic to cover in a simple blog post.

So instead, why don’t you join me in a few weeks? I’m hosting a new training at the end of October called “How to Fill Your Business to Waitlist Capacity in 90 Days {with your Dream Clients}”.

This hour long training will dive into the exact systems we use to stay full in our businesses all year long. It has more than little information on the art of persuasion…and it will be far better than this lil ole blog post could be!

Stay tuned for more info on the training!

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