Transforming Your Pilates Passion into a Business

So the 9 to 5 hamster wheel you’ve been flying on is suddenly not looking so great. And, you’re finding the highlight of your week are the Pilates classes you’ve been taking. You may have even started a certification just so you could learn a little bit more…for yourself of course {and with a big dream that maybe, just maybe, this could be something more}.


When I started my first Pilates certification, I was running my first company, a technology business based out of Boston and New Orleans. I said everything to myself about what this pass was…I missed dancing; my body loved Pilates; I just wanted to learn a little more for me. Of course, I wasn’t going to turn it into a business.


Six businesses and several million dollars later, I’ve learned a valuable lesson.   Doing what you love, what you are truly passionate is the greatest way you can ever build a business. My experience taught me that there are three important things you should do to prepare for your transition from a passionate practitioner to a studio owner.


Ease out of your Job and Into Your Career: When I first started teaching Pilates, I began with small teaching assignments and eventually grew to a fifteen to twenty class per week schedule that alternated with training clients in a small group setting. At this point, I still had another company I was working with albeit very limited. By the time I was ready to start my first Pilates business, I had spent four and a half years teaching and training.   {Fact} You don’t four and a half years to make this transition. Getting married, Hurricane Katrina, moving across the country and having a baby all factored into my journey.


This transition time was invaluable in giving me the funds to pursue training, startup capitol, and, frankly, the experience to know what my clients would really be looking for. I’ve met many other instructors, who gradually built a following through privates and group classes before opening studios. The morale of this story…it’s not just okay to take time easing out of your corporate life…it can benefit the career you’re building. But while you’re easing out of your current job it’s crucial to…


Map Out Your Ideal Weekly Calendar: What does your dream week look like? And, by dream week, I mean a week that is rooted in reality. As you ease out of your job and into your career as a studio owner, you’ll need to know what your week can handle at each stage. Do you have a family or additional responsibilities you need to consider? Are your clients primarily morning people or night owls? What does your current job require hours wise for your week? Knowing your parameters when and how can you begin to expand your teaching career? With every class you teach, you will grow not only your skillset, but also your tribe. But, as you expand your hours and your tribe it’s crucial to…


Prioritize Your Practice.   I remember the moment that my passion for Pilates became a career choice. At that point, my focus changed from my personal practice to my client’s practice. It took almost two years to realize that without prioritizing my personal practice, my business {and my clients} suffered. How can you build in time today for your practice? This isn’t just about keeping your body in top physical shape. It’s about creating new movement patterns, practicing with seasoned instructors, learning new cues, and identifying body issues that you may not have seen before. Prioritizing your practice can be as simple {and expensive} as a Pilates Anytime membership that you use, as localized as trading sessions with an instructor you admire, or as adventurous as a Pilates retreat in a dream location.


These three steps will help to transform your Pilates passion into a career. By taking it one step at a time, you’ll find yourself making this transition with grace, rather than stress. And, you’ll have a firm foundation to build a business that’s quite simply amazing!


I can’t wait to see what you do to turn your passion into reality! Email us at and share your story, connect with us on Instagram and Facebook and sign up for the Kismet Club where we share our biggest and best ideas!

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