Podcast Episode 002: True wealth has nothing to do with money

As a child, the 4th of July was such an amazing day for me. My parents, best friends, and family would come over and we would set off fireworks and swim! It was truly a magical time for me.

This year was different. I was just coming off of 4 weeks of crazy travel, I had the house to myself, and I was looking forward to some peace and quiet.

Then, my dad called me the day before the 4th of July to say that I needed to get straight to the airport so I could come celebrate the 4th with them.

I was very tempted by my couch….not going to lie!

All I could try to muster up was that I couldn’t pack in time to get to the airport. But it just struck me, what gift my dad was truly offering.

It wasn’t just the plane ticket. It was the fact that I had a chance to have total freedom in my business.

Jet out of town to celebrate a holiday I love with the family I love.

This was all because of the wealth my family had built.

He was less worried about the $1,000 plane ticket and more worried about me spending time with people I enjoy.

That’s true wealth.

If you want that type of wealth for your family, listen to my second episode talking all about the way to wealth!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why wealth doesn’t have to be scary {or your top priority}. There are so many ways to be fulfilled in a business and money is just one of them.
  • How the 4-legged stool of wealth applies to you and your business. It can relate to several aspects of your business as long as you commit.
  • Why being in an employee mindset is killing your business success. This is something that’s drilled into us since we were young so no wonder we are feeling stumped!
  • What the best investment in your business you can make and why you’ll be thanking me for letting you in on this secret. It’s a true game-changer!

Get access to the How to Sell Out in One Year workbook to go along with this episode’s discussion!

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