Podcast Episode 20: What on earth is a marketing funnel and how to do I use it?

I’ll be honest – I had no clue what a marketing funnel was just a few years ago.

I knew about marketing campaigns and marketing promotions, but this idea and concept of viewing my marketing as an overall funnel was something that was a little bit new.  A little bit different.

I’m going to define marketing funnels super clearly: an advertising effort or campaign that produces paying clients or qualified leads.

This is the dream setup that you’re wanting to build in your business if you want to ultimately have those perfect clients falling into your lap.

We’re keeping this very big picture.

There are multiple steps in a funnel.

It’s just like using a funnel to pour water into a bottle.

You’ll find it super similar to the design of a marketing funnel.

It’s meant to pour a large amount of something, in this case potential clients, into a small amount of something valuable…leads and clients.

There are probably the potential for dozens of funnels in your business.  You can have funnels for in the following 5 areas:

  1. Facebook or Google Ads that generate leads.
  2. Facebook or Google Ads that generate clients for specific programs.
  3. Email funnels once someone has shown interest.
  4. Email funnels once someone has become a client for retention.
  5. Email funnels once someone has become a client to encourage them into purchasing a new package.

I go into much more detail about the parts of each funnel as well as the education part of my sequence in Episode 020 so listen up!

Here’s what you’ll be learning:

  • What are funnels and what are the different types of them?
  • The different ways to layer funnels
  • The difference between paid marketing and funnels
  • The importance of the education and sales piece when considering a funnel
  • What is a landing page?
  • The difference between providing education and selling
  • The importance of having a referral process

Make sure to download your client funnel here.

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