Podcast Episode 22: 7 Mindset Shifts You’ve Gotta Make To Build An Epic Empire

I was googling some stuff on entrepreneurial numbers. And what I came across first was astonishing.

Six percent of all entrepreneurs will actually reach 6 figures a year. Two percent will reach 7 figures; however, more than 50% will never breakthrough $25,000 a year.

That means that more than half of entrepreneurs won’t break past a poverty level mark.

All entrepreneurs are spending huge amounts of time while risking a ton of money and seeing little results.

So really what’s the difference between successful entrepreneurs and over half the businesses in the U.S.?

The one thing that kept ringing true is mindset.

I know you are probably rolling your eyes because that’s my first instinct too.

I didn’t experience real growth until I made some pretty major shifts.

When I started adjusting these mental blocks, my entire business started to open up! And I’m not the only one who has experienced this.

In Episode 022, you’ll learn:

  • That sometimes not accepting help can be a fatal flaw
  • The importance of recognizing menial tasks that do not directly move your business forward and how to delegate those tasks to others
  • How beneficial it can be to have a smaller, leaner team of employees
  • How to determine what tasks are the most important in your business
  • How to set boundaries for yourself when it comes to working within your business
  • How to learn to say “No”
  • Why it is a necessity to practice self-care as an entrepreneur
  • How to stay the course and take the slow and steady route
  • The importance of taking the time to hire and train employees to help you move forward

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With grit + gratitude,


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